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Christmas Truffles

December 14, 2014


These are probably the naughtiest rum balls on my blog! There are varying degrees of rum ball recipes from the healthy, to healthier and healthiest, and despite their being no granulated sugar or dates, this recipe breaks the mould.  It’s a bit naughty! So go enjoy!!

170g almonds, toasted

40g coconut oil

10g cacao

90g coconut nectar or brown rice syrup

1/4 teas vanilla powder

100g 70% dairy free dark chocolate

30g coconut cream or yoghurt

20g rum or other liqueur

stevia to taste (optional)

1 tab lacuma or maca powder (optional)

a handful of walnuts, preferably toasted

2 tabs dried cherries (or dried cranberries)

2 tabs cacao, for rolling

Mill the almonds on SP 9 for 20 seconds or until almost butter, scraping down if necessary. Add the chocolate and continue on SP 9 for about 20 seconds. The chocolate will melt with the warmth of the nuts. If its really cold where you are, assist the melting on 37°C for a minute.

Add the rest of the ingredients, except for the walnuts and blend on SP 4 until the mix just comes together. Don’t worry if it separates a little. Throw in the walnuts and combine on REVERSE so that they remain chunky. Pour into a bowl and set in the fridge for at least 2 hours. When firm, roll teaspoonfuls in the cacao to coat. The mix will be very soft and you won’t get round smooth balls, so leave them a bit knobbly and knarly! Refrigerate to firm up.


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