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Tiramisu Cake Version 2

December 21, 2014

A better, quicker version!

A better, quicker version!

There’s always room for improvement.

This is what I’m thinking as I make my tiramisu cake from a previous post. When I developed this recipe, I was particularly interested in keeping it vegan as requested by a reader but it has been playing on my mind that a few non-vegan tweaks might not go astray. Don’t get me wrong – that recipe is a good one, but for non-vegans, this one is better!  In my typical caffeine-sensitive fashion, I have steered away from heavy-duty coffee and used strong dandelion tea, but feel free to use the high-octane stuff if you are so inclined. The former method was also a little complicated and I have simplified it further – it’s worth the effort.

Just like the previous version, the sponge in my tiramisu is based on a pancake batter.  The filling is more or less the same but instead of Irish moss ( a commonly used thickener in raw food cooking) or xanthan gel, I have just used psyllium powder* to thicken – sometimes I can’t see the wood for the trees! This makes a 22cm cake which cuts into many pieces as it is very rich, start by melting the coconut oils before making the pancakes:

170g coconut oil
100g cacao butter
Melt on SP 2 @ 50°C for 5 minutes, or until combined. Set aside for the cake.
Sponge base
25g coconut flour
30g almond flour
20g tapioca flour
1 rounded teas baking powder
4 eggs
1 tab honey or coconut nectar
15g melted ghee or macadamia oil 
100g nut milk _ I used almond milk
2 teas apple cider vinegar
Mix all of the ingredients on SP 6 for 20 seconds until well combined. Let sit for 5 minutes and mix again. Depending on your coconut flour, it should be a thick pourable batter – if it’s a bit thin, add 1/2 teas coconut flour.
In an oiled frying pan, make 4  x 22cm pancakes and set aside.
240g cashews, soaked in water overnight or at least 4 hours
480g homemade nut milk (I used almond)
160g coconut sugar
1 teas apple cider vinegar
1/2 teas salt
1 tab vanilla extract
100g maple syrup or brown rice syrup
4 teas psyllium powder
170g coconut oil & 100g cacao butter melted – see above
60g cacao powder or cocoa
2 tabs nut milk, extra
2 teas instant coffee
80g made up espresso coffee, cooled (I used strong dandelion tea)
40g dark chocolate, grated finely or raw cacao powder for dusting
Blend the soaked nuts, milk, sugar, vinegar, salt, vanilla, and syrup on SP 9 for 2 minutes. Add the psyllium and the combined oils and mix on SP 7 for 20 seconds. It will be very smooth and glossy.
You will have about 1200g of filling. 
Pour out 600g filling into a separate bowl and add the cacao & extra milk to the remaining mix in the TM. Mix to combine well for 10 seconds on SP 7.
Grease and line a 22cm round cake tin with baking paper.  Place a pancake in the tin and brush with some cooled espresso (or dandelion tea). Pour in half of the chocolate mixture and smooth over. Top with another pancake and brush again with espresso.
Without washing the TM bowl, return the remaining mix and add the instant coffee. Mix to combine well for 10 seconds on SP 7. Pour over the second pancake and top with another pancake. Brush with espresso and repeat with the rest of the chocolate mix, finishing with a pancake.  Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to firm up before dusting with grated chocolate or cacao to decorate. 
See? Easy!
I’m thinking that this might be nice if I omitted the chocolate and the coffee and sprinkled in some berries instead…….mmmm, more room for improvement!
*It MUST be fine psyllium powder not husks.
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