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These are some of the sweeteners I use. I have run out of coconut sugar!

Do I have to use a Thermomix to make these recipes?

No, you can use a standard food processor to make these recipes but the times will vary as the Thermomix is very high speed. For the cooking part of the recipe, use a saucepan, increase your liquids a little and stir often. This will help cut down the cooking time.

What sort of sugar do you use?

I generally use a combination of erythritol and stevia (which you can buy as Natvia in the supermarket) to make my recipes diabetic friendly. It is much cheaper and easier to make up my own blend and I buy from here.  I often will mix both Natvia and some “real” sugar to reduce the carbs.  Otherwise I use unprocessed sugars like coconut sugar or rapadura sugars in my recipes. Feel free to use normal sugar if you don’t have a “sugar issue”!

Why are your oven temperatures so low?

I have a fan-forced oven which tends to cook on the high side, hence my temperatures being a bit lower. Also, the ingredients I use: coconut & nut flours, tend to burn more easily so I have taken this into account too.

Do I have to use nut milk?

I try to avoid dairy so only use home made nut milks in my recipes. Feel free to use normal cow dairy if you don’t have any dairy intolerances.

Why do you say “dairy-free” when you use butter?

Butter is of course, dairy but I generally use ghee in my recipes with have very low lactose proteins. Most people who have lactose intolerance can cope with ghee or butter.

Why do you use psyllium powder instead of psyllium husk?

There is a big difference in the application of psyllium husk compared to powder. They are not really interchangeable. See this post.

Why don’t you use cup measurements?

Using gram measurements is much more accurate on a global scale and the density of ingredients can fluctuate from place to place and weather conditions.

Have you tested all of your recipes?

I have tested all of my recipes vigorously on my family, my friends and my dog!! I am very much a “throw everything in” kinda cook and writing stuff down is a challenge for me. Taking this into account. I will make something then retest with tweaks, then retest again following my own instructions so it will work for you. Sometimes I can make a recipe up to 6 times before I publish it. (Hence, the importance of the dog!!)

Do you take your own photos?

Yes, I take all of my own pics with my iphone. I am not a professional photographer and do not have an expensive camera. My apologies in advance if my pics are less than optimum.

Do I need to follow the Paleo diet to cook your recipes?

No, silly! Anyone can cook and enjoy my recipes! I do dabble in Vegan, Raw and Low carb, but that just keeps it interesting for me.

Do you have any further questions? Please contact me and ask away and I will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible.

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