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High Protein Pumpkin Waffles

December 19, 2012

Pumpkin Waffles with Blueberries & Coconut Nectar

Pumpkin Waffles with Blueberries & Coconut Nectar

I used to have this misconceived idea that if I put something “healthy” into my cooking it justified my eating (lots of) it!!

When my children were toddlers, I used to hide zucchini in their apple puree, much to the disgust of my mother. When I baked I would load everything with psyllium husks & vegetables because I figured that if my cakes had extra fibre they must be good for me!! Now I realise that my ideas were not so misconceived! Now I know that I was actually cooking healthier because I was lowering the carb content, improving the GI value and adding nutrients to my home baking. This doesn’t preclude the fact that my portion control or treats being daily were unhealthy!!

This recipe is truly a healthy version of something that I would normally never eat. I discovered waffles in Bangkok of all places, where they would cook them at the train stations and serve them hot & yeasty & sugary!! I think that I made them a daily event whilst travelling there! So unThai!!

My favorite type, Belgian yeast waffles, are reminiscent of a squashed toasted bombolone and are very different to the American type of waffle. American waffles are made with a baking powder leavened batter rather than a yeast batter, similar to a pancake mix. I am yet to experiment with a grain free yeast leavened dough, something which I will have to address in the new year, I will keep you posted!. This recipe, however, is based on an American batter style.

The pumpkin makes it lighter while the almonds & protein powder add protein. The recipe works equally well with plain flour or gluten-free flour too.

 45g almond flour
80g plain flour (or 100g vanilla protein powder)
pinch salt
1 tab baking powder
3 eggs
130g cooked mashed pumpkin or puree
40g coconut flour (or 100g flour)
1 teas vanilla
1 teas stevia
180g almond milk (or any milk)
Blend all ingredients in TM on SP 6 for 10 seconds. Let sit for 10 minutes to thicken if using coconut flour. Heat your waffle iron and spray with oil. Cook waffles as per your machine instructions* and serve with your favourite topping. Mine is coconut nectar or Yacon syrup & blueberries. 
I have made these waffles both sweet and savoury. They are delicious with a poached egg & hollandaise on top. If you are doing a savoury version, use plain protein powder rather than vanilla and add some chopped herbs & 1 tablespoon of parmesan cheese to the mix.
Plain waffles with peeled zucchini instead of pumpkin

Plain waffles with peeled zucchini instead of pumpkin

* Bear in mind that coconut flour browns quicker than normal and protein powder gets a bit tough if over cooked.
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