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Time for Pesto

February 18, 2012

Basil ready for Pesto

I went to the Twilight Markets at Rocklea last Wednesday and am now forever converted! The fruit & vegetables and herbs were a fraction of the price of my local supermarket and twice the quality & freshness.

I bought fruit & vegetables, herbs & spices, salt & tea. A fabulous range of items; and most organic too!

This huge bunch of basil was only $1.80 and filled a shopping bag to the brim! You can see that after “de-stalking” it amounted to at least 5 cups of leaves, more than overflowing my TM bowl. Time for pesto…

My recipe for pesto is a bit this’n’that – as I had such a huge amount of basil, you may want to halve the quantities. It is easily adapted to your own taste and here is mine:

2 bunches basil, leaves & young stalks only
3 cloves garlic
2 handfuls of brazil nuts/cashews/macadamias/sunflower seeds or a mix
1 handful of grated tasty cheese or parmesan
1 lemon, peeled
50g olive oil
splash of white wine vinegar
1 teas salt or to taste

Add all to the TM and blitz on SP 8 for 10 seconds. Check for seasoning and blitz again to desired consistency.

Finished Pesto



This made enough for 3 batches. Store in a sealed container in the fridge with a layer of olive oil on the surface to prevent oxidation, or alternatively, it freezes well.

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