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Gingerbread + Almonds = Gingerbread butter!

March 11, 2016

ginger butter

I have a new favourite thing!

I saw this interesting product on a shelf in a health-food store in Tasmania recently and I thought YUMMO!, but then, as what usually happens, I baulked at the price tag! $14 for a small jar of flavoured nut butter was just too much, especially knowing how easily I could make it at home. Even if I was holiday.

I usually have a supply of almond/macadamia butter in the cupboard for my husband who loves to eat it on toast. He was easily converted from commercial peanut butter years ago. But I try not to eat it as it is Too. Easy. To. Eat!

Knowing that our almond butter supplies were low and that I had to make some, I couldn’t resist giving this a go and this is what I came up with.

WARNING: It is still Too. Easy. To. Eat!!

120g almonds – toasted will give a better flavour, but raw is OK

2 heaped teas ground ginger powder

10g golden syrup (or molasses)**

½ teas cinnamon

25g oil (I used macadamia)

pinch salt

1 tab protein powder (optional)*

Grind all of the ingredients on SP 9 for 1 minute. Scrape down and repeat if necessary. Makes 1 small jar.

*The protein powder will help emulsify the nut butter and stop it from settling into a hard mass at the bottom. It also helps sweeten the butter if it has a sweetener in it. If you prefer it sweeter add more golden syrup or a date.

** You could also use a fresh pitted date instead of the golden syrup but the syrup gives this a real ‘gingerbready’ flavour.


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