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“White Curry” with Coconut Crepes

November 10, 2013

coconut crepe

Food that is wrapped up is intriguing! It is the ultimate “take-away” and materialises across the cultures from Vietnamese spring rolls, to Greek souvlaki, to Mexican burritos, to Japanese sushi, just to name a few.

In a previous post, I endeavoured a gluten-free crepe which maintained its suppleness but it was on the higher end of starch factor and I was seeking something with less carbohydrates. Cooking with coconut flour can be challenging. It easily dries baked goods out and can become brittle & crumbly. I have persevered because it is so full of fibre and nutrients and fills me up. This crepe recipe is a little more robust than my previous effort and makes a good savoury wrap for this white curry.

This dinner culminated from an urge for something spicy, something easy, and I had a beautiful ripe avocado to be eaten up. And Mexican seemed too predictable!  I call this a white curry as it is not based on red or green chillies or turmeric. It is a simple stir fry really, seasoned with traditional curry flavours like coriander & fennel and fish sauce. It’s not really Thai or Indian, perhaps a bastardisation of the two. Forgive me!

For the crepes:

4 eggs
30g coconut flour
20g gelatine (a great binder and protein addition)
30g butter, softened
170g warm water
1 teas cornflour or tapioca
Blitz all of the ingredients on SP 7 for 15 seconds until smooth and glossy. It will be a batter just like pancake batter.
Pour into an oiled frying pan and cook gently until just dried out on the surface and then carefully flip over and cook the other side. Makes 4 x 25 cm crepes.
For the curry filling:
1/2 teas ground coriander seeds
1/2 teas fennel seeds
1/2 teas dried lemongrass (optional)
1 teas chilli flakes (or 1 dried chilli)
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
1 tab oil or ghee
100g chicken or vegetable stock
100g coconut cream
1 tab fish sauce
1 tab apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
1 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken
handful of basil leaves
Salt & pepper to taste
In the TM, mill the spices & chilli for 10 seconds on SP 10. Add the onion and garlic and chop on SP 5 for 4 seconds.
Add the oil and sauté on VAROMA temp for 3 minutes, SP 1. Add the stock, cream, fish sauce & vinegar and cook for 5 minutes on VAROMA temp, SP 1, until thick and reduced. Make sure the MC is off. Add the chicken and basil and stir through on SP Slow, REVERSE for 3 minutes at 100ºC until heated through. Season to taste.
To assemble:
Sliced avocado
butter lettuce
chilli jam
lemon wedges
Spread each crepe with a little chilli jam, and fill with lettuce, avocado and some chicken curry. Serve with some lemon, you won’t be able to eat this in your hands but enjoy!
TIP: Instead of using chicken, try substituting cooked button mushrooms – They work well too!



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