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Things I’m Loving in April

April 29, 2013

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup

Recently I tried brown rice syrup after seeing it on the shelves and recipes and wondering what it tasted like. It is very “honey” like and is produced by cooking brown rice starch with enzymes. The syrup is filtered, and excess water is evaporated to thicken it. It has vitamin B, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin K but unfortunately it is still a highly processed sweetener with plenty of calories.

Brown rice syrup has a relatively low glycemic index rating, coming in around 25 (compared to 64 of refined table sugar and 96 of pure glucose).  Because it has a high  concentration of maltose and soluble complex carbohydrates it does not have the  adverse effects on the bloodstream as do other sweeteners.

I do like it as it has less fructose than honey and use it for when I want a honey flavour.


Raw - Vegan Banana Caramel Slice

Raw – Vegan Banana Caramel Slice

Raw & Vegan – I know you already know about my curiosity about raw & vegan foods, based on my recent posts. I’m just dabbling really, I don’t plan on becoming a strict advocate of either but I’m having fun with it!

My new gas stovetop

My new gas stovetop

You just can’t beat cooking with gas. That. Is. All.

A lovely new cookbook

A lovely new cookbook

The Green Kitchen Cookbook – a fabulous first book by David & Luise at Green Kitchen Stories blog. The photos and recipes are divine – mainly vegetarian and gluten free – have a look at it here.

My new piano

My new piano

A piano has always been a constant in my life. As a kid we always had a piano in the house and I loved to tinker without having any formal training. I inherited it when I moved out as a young adult but it got sold to pay off repairs on a lemon of a 20 year old BMW!! Later on, I purchased another which saw me through the birth of my kids who had a fleeting interest while at school. Unfortunately, we lost this one to the Brisbane floods. Two years later, the lack of ivory keys in the house found me looking at none other than an electric version. Heaven forbid! I never would have entertained the thought of an electric piano but amazingly, the weighted keys and speakers feel & sound miraculously like the real thing (and a third of the price)! My repertoire is very limited but playing it exercises my brain when I need it…

My wonderful husband

My gorgeous husband

This goes without saying. My husband is the kindest, patient & most wonderful person I have been blessed to meet. My love for him is profound and grows everyday. I am so very grateful that he chose to share his life with me. xxx

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