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Namaste Masala Murgh

February 18, 2012

Whole spices for my masala mix

Another fun class today learning Indian delights like chicken masala curry, yoghurt naan & fresh coconut chutney. Thank you to the ladies who participated.  It’s a shame that we don’t have smell-i-vision as after roasting & milling the fresh spices, the fragrance of the masala flooded the house and beyond!! These photo’s don’t do it justice!

The most important recipe of the day was of course, the masala mix. My own recipe, adapted from many tried & tested , this mix keeps very well in a sealed jar and makes such a difference to your curry. Nothing compares to roasting & milling your own. Try it and see…

Sarah’s Masala Spice Mix

1 tab  kashmiri chilli                                2 cinnamon sticks
1 tab cumin seeds                                     2 star anise
1 tab cardamon seeds                              ½ tab nigella
1 tab fennel seeds                                     ½ tab black peppercorns
1 tab dried garlic                                      ½ tab dried tumeric
The milled spices
1 tab coriander seeds
Put all ingredients into TM and roast for 6 mins Varoma temp, SP 1.

Then mill for 1 minute SP 10.

In the class we then used 3 tabs of this mix to make a “Murgh Masala” – Chicken Masala Curry. Stay tuned for the recipe!

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