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My Last Supper…

November 9, 2017

This is the end of the road for me as a food blogger and I’m guessing you may not be surprised.

Anyone who has been following me for the last while may have noticed that I haven’t been so prolific lately and have complained about being “stuck“. I have spent the last few months with a constant, nagging feeling of “I should really write a blog post.”

I have lists of recipe ideas that have languished, waiting to be written. I even have photos on my phone that are just waiting for testing and dialogue. But I just can’t get it together.  When I first started this blog, I couldn’t stop working on it. I was cooking and testing every day. I spent hours figuring out how to build a website, how to improve my photos and, of course, cooking, testing and writing – hours and hours of writing. I absolutely loved it. The words flowed freely and easily. And now they don’t. I just don’t. So I know it’s time to call it quits.

Last night I went out to dinner with a group of fellow bloggers; all very successful in their own right. And when our meals were served, everyone’s cameras immediately appeared to photograph their plates! Except mine. Despite the fact that the meals were beautifully presented, I just didn’t have the inclination or the passion and it made me a bit sad.

Life evolves, priorities change. My family has had a few dreadful years and my energy is waning. Juggling a “real” job and maintaining normal pace has been a challenge.  I’m feeling less sociable and have less to say. I think I am needing a change. Perhaps I will concentrate my creativity elsewhere, I’m feeling a call back to clay (I was a potter in another life), maybe…

Whether you have been following for one year or five years, thank you so much for your friendship and support – your comments and emails have meant so much and have made this whole journey incredibly worthwhile. I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have, I had so much fun – Thank you!!

I started this blog in January 2012 and have published over 400 recipes and amassed readers far and wide. I have made wonderful friends through this site from as far away as the UK, Canada & France. Not to mention my many followers in the United States and New Zealand. And of course my local friends in Australia, who are very special, and without this blog I would never have met! And I am grateful for my Thermomix, its notoriety is in its divide. I haven’t worked for Thermomix since 2010 and would not recognise the company now from its humble roots back then, but I remain loyal and still use it everyday. It opened doors in my mind that I never would have considered opening.

I started this blog to fill 3 needs: at first I was experimenting with my own diet and exploring the Paleo template. The way of thinking diet was new then, no one had heard of it until chef turned heath nut, Pete Evans was infamously quoted about his activated nuts! Personally, I know that activated nuts TASTE so much better, but if you aren’t able to make your own, they are too cost-prohibitive to buy. Eat regular nuts. I’d prefer to spend my money on better quality meat if I couldn’t make my own. The second need was to support my old Thermomix customers, who had attended my private cooking classes and wanted more. I had met some lovely people who had shared their kitchens (and stories) with me and I wanted to keep in contact. And finally, the third need was to fulfil my requirement of a creative outlet. Cooking has always brought joy to me, I find it a meditation and distraction from the mundane. I loved the challenge of “healthifying” known junk foods, like “paddle pops” and “chokito bars” and “spicy fruit rolls“.

By far the most popular recipes on this blog were chocolate ones! Waning readership? Publish something chocolate!! From my Magnum ice-cream to Paleo Royals, my Magic Bean cake was what paved the way. It is still the most searched for recipe on the Thermomix website – and the most copied*.

My Fantabulous Gluten Free Bread (and its few renditions) proved to be the most sought after and popular recipe on this site. My flatbread recipe is a winner, as is my $hit-hot Brandy sauce. (It’s coming up to Christmas, folks!)

As for my favourites, my most often cooked ones: my banana muffins and Anzac biscuits  and Crispy Roast pork (from 2012) are my go-to comfort food. For celebrations I always fall back on my favourite cheesecake (but there are many!) Or perhaps this one!

I have so many favourites that it is too hard to pick. Just way too hard! One day I would like to put my recipes in a book, but I realise that writing a book is a huge commitment and I’m not sure where to start. How do I choose 100 out of the 400?  Is 100 recipes too many? One day.

This site will continue with my domain name so you will still be able to access this blog and it’s archives. And I’ll still be active on social media, so I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook where I will still post recipes. (I might even learn more about Instagram and snapchat.)

Now that I have finally written this, I am glad. And I am sure. I am saying good-bye to a baby. Thank you so much for your support and desire to cook. Keep cooking – for you too, are a clevercook.


*It was even plagiarised and published on the ABC radio website, MY photo and all! But I’m flattered.


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