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Sweet Potato Scones – Gluten Free of course!

June 24, 2016


There are just some things you can’t paleofy and one of those things is a decent scone!

The cold weather has us hunkering down and craving carbs and comfort, and one of my husbands favourite things, apart from a decent pasty or warming soup is a fair dinkum scone! Top it with REAL jam and REAL cream and he is one. happy. man!! Of course, he rarely gets REAL jam or REAL cream at our house so today was an exception!

In the past, I have always turned to my friend Jo’s wonderful gluten-free scone recipe but I decided to have a play around with some roasted sweet potato I had in the fridge (much to my husbands disappointment) and see what I could come up with.

It has been recently discovered that some starches are actually better for you when you cook them, cool them down and reheat them, before you consume them. This is true of rice, potato and pasta. The starches in these foods convert from non-resistant to resistant starches in the process and thus escape digestion (kind of like soluble fibre) which helps prevent blood sugar spikes. Eating foods rich in resistant starch also nourishes your gut bacteria, which is always a good thing.


What I came up with was so good  – they have a light and buttery crumb; they freeze really well and can be sweet or savoury. My husband declared them the BEST scones he had ever had and he thanked me profusely for making scones that weren’t gluten-free!!! Haha! I let him continue believing that one!

scone4140g roasted sweet potato (cold)
140g cold butter
600g Orgran SR gluten-free flour*
1 teas salt
5 eggs – save a little egg-white from 1 egg aside for glazing.
280g milk – I used zymil, but almond or coconut is good too

Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

Blend the potato and butter together on SP 5 for 5 seconds. Add the flour, salt, eggs and milk in that order and mix on SP 4 until just smooth. The mix will be firm but quite may need to stop and scrape down after 10 seconds.

Dollop 1/3 cup fulls of mixture onto a lined tray – I used little silicone patty pans to help the scones keep their shape. Brush with reserved egg-white and place in the oven. Turn the oven down to 180ºC and bake for 15 minutes for smaller scones or 20 minutes for large scones. The recipe will make about 18 scones. The recipe can easily be halved if required. They freeze beautifully.

Serve hot with jam and cream….. Or with butter and pumpkin soup!

*I believe the success of this recipe is owed to the gluten-free flour mix that I use. Orgran is certainly the best one by far that I have tried. It is a mix of maize and tapioca and doesn’t contain any soy. This is not a paid endorsement but purely my own opinion!

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