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Shoot Me a Bulletproof Mocha Dande Latte!!

August 24, 2014

I had thought the bulletproof coffee thing had passed me by as a non coffee, caffeine sensitive drinker. I understand the philosophy in the LCHF realm but didn’t really pause for thought about the actual taste.

Butter in hot drinks is not new. The Ethiopians have been mixing butter with their coffee in coffee rituals for generations. And the Tibetans have been mixing butter in their tea for centuries. More recently colonial Americans were mixing their hot toddies with rum and butter.

So my tea recipe probably is more authentic than I thought! Except for the chocolate!!

The current fashion of adding fat to a hot drink is about adding fats to our diet after reducing your carbs.

When on a low carb diet, adding more fat can help sustain you and in fact help with weight loss. But the take home message is:
Fat + carbs = weight gain!! Don’t endeavour to add more fat to your diet unless you significantly lower your carbohydrate intake. There has to be some reward for this sacrifice!

Fat + (diet – carbs) = good body composition.

I didn’t expect to like this much. I was surprised by the creaminess and texture that the butter imparted. When blended, the drink becomes homogenised and viscous. I tried using butter, coconut oil and a mix of the two. I have to say that I prefer the mix the best. But try it both ways and see what you prefer.

For extra decadence, add a square of dark chocolate or mockolate.

I used dandelion root tea to keep within the traditional bitter coffee notes. I tried cinnamon tea, rooibos and camomile. I like the dandelion tea the best, and considering I rarely drink it, it makes a nice change. I’m sure that regular black tea would work too.

Brew a cup of strong tea – whichever you prefer. This usually amounts to about 200mls.

Pour this into the TM with 1 teaspoon each of butter, coconut oil and raw cacao. Add some stevia to taste. (Or honey)

Add a pinch of cinnamon and psyllium powder for taste & texture.
Blend on SP 8 for 30 seconds. Serve immediately.

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