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Toys Toys Toys – Christmas has come Early!!

December 8, 2013

The Gefu Spiral Cutter

The Gefu Spiral Cutter

Yep, I know, I couldn’t wait! Christmas means toys doesn’t it? and I bought myself a couple of new ones, just in case Father Christmas decides I wasn’t good enough this year!

I have been researching vegetable spiralisers for a few months now. Since going grain free, I have been an avid fan of cauliflower rice but was getting sick of it yearning another carb free option, zucchini noodles.  I already have a cheapy plastic mandolin but this only gives me julienne strips which is fabulous for Papaya salad. I once had a wonderful Japanese Benriner cutter which gave me fine curly shreds but I sold it after an impulsive kitchen cull many years ago.

There is much talk about the World Cuisine spiraliser and its superiority as a cutter but my impression is that it is big and bulky and has too many attachments. I have a very small kitchen and storage space is limited, so I settled for a Gefu spiraliser. It was inexpensive and compact. I figured I would graduate to the World Cuisine if I didn’t like it – but I LOVE IT!

Lovely long zucchini noodles

Lovely long zucchini noodles

It works like a pencil sharpener and so shreds from the circumference of the vegetable, giving you long strong strands. In contrast, the Benriner cuts on a cross-section so you get long and short strands depending on the width of the vegetable that you’re cutting.

The Gefu cuts in two thickness’s, the second producing a more of a flat “linguine” shape rather than a noodle. I probably wouldn’t use this side very often. The noodle side gives a 1.5mm square profiled noodle which is strong and resilient. It cuts zucchinis best but works well on carrots and turnips too. I have strong hands and wrists from years of pottery so the harder vegetables were not challenging for me but might be for some.

This is the volume out of 1 zucchini. You get a few little bobbly bits from the core and your "pencil end"

This is the volume out of 1 zucchini. You get a few little bobbly bits from the core and your “pencil end”

My other new toy is a Cococut coconut opener.

The Cococut

The Cococut Coconut Opener

Essentially this is a hand held hole driller which promises to open fresh young coconuts EASILY! I am not afraid of the old whack it with a cleaver method, or even a screwdriver hammered in the eyes method but this does make opening a coconut a bit safer notwithstanding easier. It comes with a large plastic safety guide/guard which is pretty difficult to grip onto. Cutting through the soft exterior was much easier if you work in one direction. Going back & forth was a bit trickier.

As aforementioned, I have strong hands and I found this tough work. I resorted to holding the thing between my knees and bearing down on it that way, which was very effective and quick. But I did get a shower of coconut water as I broke through the shell!

A clean cut!

Opening a coconut took about 5 minutes

The blade can’t be sharpened but the manufacturers of this gadget promise the blades will last for at least 1000 coconuts.

A clean cut with lots of young meat

A clean cut with lots of young meat

I have been using lots of fresh coconut lately which is a bugger to clean if you use a cleaver as little bits of pulp flake everywhere. The cococut makes a clean cut without messing up the water or flesh. Do I think its worth it? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have it.





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