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Sunshine Porridge with Caramelised Apples

June 30, 2013

Pumpkin, almond & chia porridge with glazed apples for breakfast

Pumpkin, almond & chia porridge with glazed apples for breakfast

I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t really like chia pudding. There are some fabulous renditions of this latest food fad and I have tried a few, but (….. like oysters…..) I just don’t get it. Look at these popular recipes here and here and here.
But drinking my usual green juice for breakfast is less appetizing in this freezing cold weather and I am getting sick of taking boiled eggs to work! Recently I posted a great recipe for carrot halva  which was met with mixed review. It’s one of those, “taste’s better than it looks”, dishes. If you like the heady scent of middle eastern spices, like cardamom and anise and orange blossom, you will like my carrot pudding recipe. Go on, be brave and try it and see.
Otherwise, here is a great recipe for a grain-free “porridge” based on pumpkin and almonds. I was a bit dubious when I tried it (having never been a porridge fan) but now I am hooked. It’s satisfying and filling, warming and yummy. It’s even better with some caramelised fruit or compote.
I have called it sunshine porridge because it really did brighten up my cloudy drizzling morning. I had been given an enormous whole pumpkin from a friends garden and needed to use it up! The colour of the pumpkin puree brightened what might have been a pretty drab coloured almond porridge. And it added some valuable beta-carotene to boot!
300g pumpkin, cubed
270g coconut milk
1 ripe banana
zest of an orange
1 teas cinnamon
1 teas ground ginger
pinch salt
40g ground almonds
1 teas coconut nectar
a few drops of stevia (optional)
1 heaped teas chia seeds (I used white)
1/2 teas linseed meal (I used golden)
juice of half a lemon

Add the pumpkin to the TM and chop on SP5 for 5 seconds. Scrape down and cook on SP3 for 4 minutes on 100ºC. Set aside half of the pumpkin puree. In the TM, with the rest of the pumpkin add the coconut milk,  banana, orange zest, nuts, sweetener, seeds and spices and cook on SP 3 at 90ºC for 5 minutes. If you prefer it a bit thicker, cook for a few more minutes. Finish with a squeeze of lemon.

Serve warm with a dollop of the pumpkin puree and some caramelised apples or other fruit. This is very filling and will easily serve 2 or 3 for breakfast and will last you all morning!

Caramelised Apples with Figs & Walnuts

4 apples, sliced but not peeled
1 tab butter or coconut oil
2 dried figs, sliced thinly
1 tab coconut nectar ( I used Yacon syrup)
1 tab walnuts, chopped
In a frying pan, melt the oil or butter on a high heat and sauté the apples until they are golden brown. Just before they are done, add the figs and drizzle over the coconut nectar or syrup, shaking the pan vigorously as it will sizzle up. Remove from heat and sprinkle with the walnuts.


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