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Mayonnaise Cake with Beetroot Butter

June 21, 2013

Savoury cake with walnuts, prunes & feta

Savoury cake with walnuts, prunes & feta

Did that get your attention?

Haha! This unusual cake is sugar-free because it is a savoury cake. Rather than make savoury muffins, which are commonplace, I thought I would do this in a loaf tin and cut it in slices. Of course you can cook this in muffin tins if you prefer. I called it mayonnaise cake because it’s based on an emulsion of eggs and oil, just like mayonnaise!

I have used sheep’s feta and sheep’s yoghurt in this recipe as I avoid cows milk and sheep milk is richer in fat, solids, and minerals. It works well with goat’s milk too! The addition of walnuts make this recipe super nutritious as walnuts contain lots of protein with many essential amino acids and fibre. According to Wikipedia, a study has suggested that consumption of walnuts may improve the use of body fat in overweight adults. Hmmm, that sounds good! So eat more mayonnaise cake!

2 tabs golden linseeds
3 tabs water
2 large eggs
100g macadamia or olive oil
240g gluten-free SR flour*
120g sheeps feta – crumbled
50g walnuts chopped
2 tabs chopped parsley
100g chopped prunes
pinch allspice
150g sheeps yoghurt
salt & pepper
In a bowl, weigh in the flour, nuts, cheese, parsley and prunes. Add salt & pepper and set aside.
Mill the seeds until finely ground on SP 10 for up to 2 minutes. Put into a cup and mix with the 3 tabs water. Set aside to thicken.
In the TM with the butterfly attachment, whip the eggs on SP 4 for 4 minutes while adding the oil slowly and then the linseed paste to form a thick emulsion. Finish with adding the yoghurt and mix well.
Add the “mayonnaise” wet ingredients to the dry and barely mix. It’s OK to leave lumps and floury bits!
This is how much I mix before putting in the tin.

This is how much I mix before putting in the tin.

Pour into a loaf tin and bake for 30 – 40 minutes in a 180ºC oven. Leave for 15 minutes before slicing. I like to serve this with a rocket & kale salad.
This is the brand I tried and it is fine.

* I used this brand which is soy free.

This butter is great tossed through pasta or mashed sweet potato too

This butter is great tossed through pasta or mashed sweet potato too

Beetroot Butter
110g butter
2 teas beetroot powder**
juice of half a lemon
Squirt the juice into the TM bowl and add the beetroot powder. Mix on SP 2 for 5 seconds to reconstitute. Add the butter and mix together until smooth on SP 4 for 15 seconds.
** I use beetroot powder made from dehydrated beetroot chips that have been milled in the Thermomix. You can buy beetroot powder from the health food shop or make some from bought beetroot chips.


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