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Carrot Pudding

June 9, 2013

Yummy Carrot Pudding for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!!

*Yummy Carrot Pudding for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner!!

If you have any Punjabi friends you may be familiar with a popular festive dish called Gajar ka Halwa. It is described as a puddingy combination of grated carrot, nuts, milk, sugar and ghee.

It is not common on restaurant menus but most Indian families have their own version varying from a solid sliced dessert or a runny “porridgey” concoction. The common theme is the plentiful use of sugar and ghee, which makes something as nutritious as a carrot turn into junk food!!

Traditionally, Indian carrot halva uses pistachios & almonds and as aforementioned, copious amounts of ghee and sugar.
My version is inspired by my desire for a healthier, less sugar laden carrot halva. I have used some coconut nectar for a delicious caramel flavour and a little nut butter for extra protein. I have also replaced the pistachios for walnuts for their Omega-3 goodness. Being dairy-free, coconut milk makes an ideal partner and this recipe makes the perfect comfort food. Serve it warm in cold weather or cold in the Summer months.

Carrot pudding is also a great breakfast standby. If you tire of the latest chia pudding craze, give carrot pudding a go for a new alternative. Its great made the day before and lasts for several days in the fridge. Full of fibre and good fats, it will easily keep you going until lunch time!

1 tab rice – white or brown**
1/4 teas cardamom seeds
1 tab sugar (optional – I used Natvia)
400g carrots, quartered
Pinch each of cinnamon & vanilla powder
1 teas ground ginger
100g coconut cream
1 tab nut butter (I used macadamia)
30g coconut nectar or maple syrup
1 teas chia seeds (I used white)
2 teas coconut flour
1 tab sultanas or currants
30g chopped walnuts
Freshly grated nutmeg & toasted coconut flakes to garnish
Grind the rice with the cardamom seeds on SP 10 for 25 seconds. If you are adding sugar, add it now and grind for a further 10 seconds.
Add the carrots and chop on SP 4 for a couple of seconds until you get a course blend, not too fine. If you prefer a more uniform look, grate the carrots on a shredder. Add the spices, coconut cream and nectar, nut butter, chia and 1 teas coconut flour and cook for 8 minutes, SP 1 REVERSE at 100ºC with the MC off.
Give the bowl a scrape down and add the sultanas and check for consistency. I like mine to be thick so I add another teaspoon or 2 of coconut flour. Cook for another 2 minutes.
Leave to cool for at least 5 minutes as it will be very hot and serve, garnished with chopped walnuts, toasted coconut and freshly grated nutmeg.
I like to eat mine just warm or cold – it’s delicious with some coconut yoghurt too! To dress this up for a dinner dessert, try adding a few drops of rose-water. To give this an extra boost for breakfast, try adding a tablespoon of protein powder.
*In the above photo, I garnished mine with some homemade granola, just because….! (But it’s better with walnuts!)
**If you would like to make this completely grain-free, omit the rice and increase the chia seeds to 1 tablespoon.
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