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Quick Banana Butter

June 2, 2013

Yummy creamy banana butter

Yummy creamy banana butter

Nothing beats a thick slather of pure butter, whether it be on hot fresh toast or steaming creamy potato mash!

Sometimes, just butter isn’t quite enough. Making a “beurre compose” or compound butter by mixing in some herbs or other flavouring makes a lovely change to your vegetables or steak – My fellow blogger, Natasha at A Girl, A guy, Furkids & Food  has a very special recipe here.

But having recently been on holiday, my palate has been spoilt with sugar and I am craving something sweet.

Lemon butter has been an all time favourite of mine but now I find it just too sweet. The addition of sugar and the cooking process, leaves you with a sauce without any nutritional benefit. 😦

This sweet compound butter is raw, can be made vegan and is quick and easy to make. So easy, it’s hardly a recipe!

As you know, oil & water don’t mix – very well! The addition of an emulsifier helps to combine the ingredients and stop them from separating. It also helps create a creaminess and improve “mouth feel”. The most common emulsifiers are egg yolk or lecithin. Think mayonnaise, or chocolate! But most lecithin is made from soy, which I try to avoid.  This recipe can easily be made without lecithin but adding it will give you a creamier texture and longer shelf life.

Don’t be tempted to use granular lecithin as it will not dissolve, you will be better off squeezing the contents of a lecithin capsule, which is a less processed and more natural form of lecithin. I use a sunflower lecithin capsule, which can be hard to find. I get mine here.

A really ripe banana will produce a sweeter butter – if your banana is not overripe, you can add some sweetener if you wish.

1 medium ripe banana (I used a 150g one)
1 tab rapadura sugar or coconut nectar (optional)
1 lecithin capsule (optional)
120g homemade butter (use coconut oil for vegan – I use 50/50 mix)
1 tab macadamia or almond oil
pinch salt
pinch cinnamon
Beat the banana with the sugar for 20 seconds on SP 6. Add the rest of the ingredients and beat on SP 5 for 2 minutes, scraping down the bowl halfway if necessary. At the beginning of mixing it will look a bit curdled but persevere and it will come together to form a creamy mass.
Serve on toast or pancakes or muffins or apricot bread!
For a true Paleo treat put a dollop on some hot mashed sweet potato and sprinkle with chopped walnuts!! This recipe works well with strawberries too – it makes a pretty pink butter.
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