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Chocolate Yacon Yum!

December 5, 2012

chocolate sauceSometimes things don’t always go to plan. I intended to make some almond butter today, and then at the last minute decided that chocolate almond butter might be nice! So…. I added a handful of dairy free, dark chocolate nibs and then my almond butter SEIZED!! Argghhhh!!

You would think that by now, I would learn that adding chocolate to anything with the wrong ratio of fats:water would end up in a globby, albeit, tasty mess, and not buttery at all!! So, OK, no chocolate almond butter today – how about a yummy chocolate hard sauce?

I used to LOVE nutella as a kid and still can’t understand why my kids don’t like it. What is there not to like about the perfect marriage of chocolate & hazelnuts? This recipe isn’t nutella – for a good recipe for homemade nutella, see here.

This recipe is more of a sauce but does go hard in the fridge so it is spreadable. Full of good fats, it works well on icecream, toast, cupcakes or just by the spoon!

I used Yacon syrup to sweeten it which is a new ingredient for me.  It is a molassesy dark syrup made from a tuber in Peru. It is yummy but doesn’t surpass my favorite coconut nectar in my book! Dr David Getoff talks about it extensively as a great non affecting blood sugar sweetener. The sugar in yacon syrup primarily fructooligosaccharide which is not absorbed by the gut.   Yacon also contains inulin, glyconutrients and antioxidants. This means it is great for diabetics or low carb followers. To read more information about this, go here. But enough of that, you can use honey or maple syrup or sugar instead!!

300g almonds
pinch salt
70g coconut oil
70g maple syrup or honey (I used yacon syrup)
handful of chocolate chips (I used dairy free, sugar free chips)
2 tabs raw cacao
270g can coconut cream
vanilla to taste
Start off as if you are making almond butter (!) by milling the nuts on SP 9 for 1 minute. Scrape down the bowl of your TM (or food processor) and add the salt and oil. Process for another 1 minute or so & scrape down. Add the remaining ingredients and blend on SP 7 until you have a creamy smooth mix.
Store in jars and refrigerate.
Incidentally, Yacon syrup has a GI rating of 1! Sugar & honey have a GI rating of 70 and coconut sugar or nectar has a rating of GI35. Food for thought!
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