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Protein Brownie

October 15, 2012


Chocolate brownie

Chocolate Brownies have been around since early last century, their evolution being the result of a quest for “something more than a biscuit, but less of a cake”. The word “Brownie” is something of an Americanism as when I grew up, the closest resemblance to a brownie was what we called “hedgehog” – a mushed up concoction of ground biscuits, butter, coconut & cocoa. YUM! Brownies can be anything chocolate in a slice, healthified or dripping in butter!

My recipe today, marks another effort of protein experimenting – a really good rendition of chocolately goodness – packed with a knock out punch of protein hit that will keep you going all day. Dairy free, grain free, sugar-free trust me!

Be sure not to overcook this, give it 15 mins in the oven and then leave to cool. It will be even better the next day!

180g almonds
120g sweetener (I use Natvia)
2 eggs
2 egg whites (or 1 scoop EWP)
3 tabs cocoa
3 tabs protein powder
1/2 teas baking powder
80g almond milk (or cows)
100g coconut cream (or yoghurt)
2 tabs desiccated coconut
A handful of walnuts
Mill the almonds with the sweetener for 5 seconds on SP 9. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well on SP 5, throwing in the walnuts in the end so they stay chunky.
Bake in a square tin for 15 minutes ONLY. Cut when cool.
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