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Saucy Lemon Protein Pudding

October 3, 2012


Self saucing Lemon Pudding

This is not quite lemon delicious but comes in a close second when you consider it is dairy, sugar and wheat free and full of protein to boot! This one cup microwaveable pudding is a great late night snack, when you’re home alone and can’t sleep! OK, yes, this was me, a few nights ago, sleepless and a bit peckish, knowing that a high protein snack would tide me over till breakfast!

Do you remember those ped eggs which were all the rage a few years ago? My sister sent me one, one year for Christmas and I laughed out loud! That tiny thing was not going to put a dint in my rough-as-guts feet?!! But it did make a very convenient citrus zester, catching all the zest and not having to scrape it clean. Don’t laugh – TRULY!!! I would zest all my lemons that I used for juice and pop it in my freezer for when I next needed zest.

This pudding is very moist and comforting – I did work out a fantastic chocolate version which I will post about soon but give this a try! (Chocolate keeps me awake at night!)

Grease a cup and mix in it:

1 egg
rind of one lemon – don’t skip this – here is your flavour
1 tab apple sauce
1 teas coconut flour
1.5 teas vanilla protein powder
.25 teas baking powder
1 sachet of stevia (Natvia) or sweetener
Mix well and microwave on medium high (640W) for 1 minute. It will still look uncooked on the surface but let it stand for a minute and then eat from the cup, liberally sprinkled with lemon juice.
Now you know far too much about me!!
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