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Wanna play dressup?

August 1, 2012

We have been invited to an “ABBA” party! Oh, dear…. how is it that I can remember most of the words to all of Abba’s most popular songs from 40 years ago (YES, FORTY!!) yet I can’t remember the name of the film I saw last week??

“We must dress up” dear husband exclaims, yeah, right! Does he remember the tight white satin get up they wore?….Or maybe he does…… Oh dear, I might faint right now at the thought of it……

So Swedish meatballs will be on the menu soon, I’ll keep you posted!


But speaking of dressing up, have you seen how you might dress up your Thermomix?

My dressed up Thermomix!

You can get some wonderful decals in all designs from block colours – red to match your kitchenaid? – to kids designs – Spongebob, anyone? I bought some recently to see the quality and they are very good. Made from PVC, they are quite durable – stronger than contact – and mine lasted on my machine until I got sick of it, about 3 months. It peeled away cleanly, without leaving a sticky residue. I have a few left if you are interested – have a look here. The designs available are block red, white with green pattern, green with leaf pattern, white with red flowers, rainbow, chocolate leatherlook.



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  1. A Table in the Sun permalink
    August 2, 2012 12:25 am

    Cute idea!

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