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CHEESE Louise!!!

May 4, 2012

Gluten free Cauliflower cheese

No actual Louise I’m afraid, but I like saying it loudly “CHEESE LOUEEEEZE!!”

Just inspired by watching Heston’s “Cook Like me” show, I have put together my favourite comfort food; cauliflower cheese recipe. I am also playing nurse-maid to a very sickly husband, who got sneezed and spluttered on by a fellow passenger on a 14 hour flight. There is a lot to be said about immunity and health, though I shouldn’t speak too soon, but my poor man is so stricken with the flu, I have kept the rum toddys flowing….

My version of cauli cheese:

250g white wine – reduced to 100g by cooking 9 minutes VAROMA speed 3.
120g tasty cheese, grated
150g water or chicken stock
1 tab butter
40g cornflour
40g cream cheese
1 teas dijon mustard
100g tasty cheese, extra
1 tab parmesan, grated, extra
1 small head of cauliflower, chopped in pieces.
Steam cauli for 15 minutes on Varoma temp, speed 4, with 1000g hot water. Set aside.
Cook cheese, water, cornflour, wine, butter, mustard, cream cheese on Speed 3, 90°C for 5 mins to make a smooth sauce.
Pour sauce over cooked cauliflower, sprinkle over extra cheese and grill for 15 minutes under a hot grill or in hot oven. This version is very rich and I like to serve it sprinkled with chopped walnuts and a fresh tomato salad.
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