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Mango Madness

February 29, 2012

Mango & Coconut sorbet

Today I saw trays of mangoes being sold for $5.99 each at my local fruit & veg man.

WOW! 10 (huge) mangoes for 60c each! Nothing beats a fresh cold mango on a summery day.

When I was a kid, mangoes were a delicacy (and uncommon commodity). Once or twice a summer, one prized mango might be purchased to be sat on the fruit bowl for all to see, its aromatic pungence seeping through the kitchen until my Dad couldn’t resist it anymore. Then he would peel it as we hovered and hopefully get a sliver at a time until it was shared between the 5 of us!!! One mango between five, LOL!!

I didn’t come from a household which sliced the cheeks and checkered the flesh to be turned inside out. The first time I saw this I was in my twenties and I thought it was mighty extravagant!!

When I moved to Brisbane from Melbourne nearly 15 years ago, our house had a prolific mango tree and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. That is, until we had so many mangoes rotting in the garden that the whole suburb smelt like a vineyard. Then, I think, Brisbane suffered a mango tree disease and the mango trees never produced again….or was it the drought, I’m not sure, can anyone remember?

Anyway, mangoes freeze terrifically. I cut all the flesh from them and freeze the pieces. They are best used in smoothies or ice-cream as when they defrost they are very sloppy. Mango coulis works too. I did try baking with them but they tend to lose their flavour but do add a natural sweetness if that’s what you are after. A favourite in my household is my dairy free mango sorbet with a hint of cardamon. This of course, is optional, but it is really yummy. You can of course use cows milk, and it works best with full fat.

300g       mango flesh, frozen
400g       coconut milk, frozen in ice-cube trays
100g       sugar
1              cardamon pod, crushed to remove seeds
½             lemon, peeled & depithed
1               egg white
Grind sugar  & cardamon seeds for 10 secs. SP 10.
Add other ingredients and mix 40 – 60 secs. SP 9 stirring throughout with the spatula.

To make this more grown up, a slurp of Malibu or Mango Liqueur turns it from divine to sublime!!

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