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Time for a sweet treat

February 26, 2012

Salted caramel sauce

Since I have been avoiding sugar and grain for some time now (8 weeks now, but who’s counting!) I have not been as prolific in the kitchen as I normally would have. If sugar was my drug, then surely cooking would have been a good substitute for the high achieved from the former.

So consequently,  being sugar-free has not gone unnoticed in my household and complaints have been trickling in.

I decided to appease the masses with a favourite; Salted Caramel; yummy on ice-cream or just by the spoon. It should keep them quiet for a while!

I never really understood the salty/sweet thing until recently. It always reminded me of American confectionery – something which I find overly sweet AND salty (even with a sugar addiction)!! But a while ago, a friend from Melbourne brought me a gift from Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio and introduced me to the wonders of their Salted Caramel. Ever, ever so subtly salted and I was HOOKED!!

This is the closest version I can get to it. If you have a chance to get the real thing, compare it and let me know what you think.

210g sugar
30g water
150g pure cream
150g butter
4 pinches sea salt
1/2 vanilla pod seeds
Put into the TM and cook for 12 minutes, Varoma temperature, Speed 3.

Warning: don’t eat all at once or you will be SICK!!

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